Utilizing the Bud Box System

In 1989, after much urging from people he has helped through the years, Bud Williams began actively teaching his stockmanship methods to cattlemen across the country. Bud has since passed, but his unique approaches to cattle handling will continue to live on through the individuals he taught.

Bud is most well-known for his low-stress, open fencing system, the “Bud Box”. This easy-to-build design allows an animal to take advantage of its peripheral vision and better view its surroundings.

In the Bud Box video segment from CreatingConnections, Tom Noffsinger, D.V.M, explains how this simple design can be utilized by producers. “This rectangular structure can be easily built on any operation,” says Dr. Noffsinger. “The open fencing is soothing to cattle moving through the structure and allows the animal to see you.”

The main benefit of this system is a setup that encourages cattle to voluntarily move through the structure. Dr. Noffsinger says the Bud Box also contributes to three essential needs for cattle to remain calm: seeing the source of guidance (cattle handlers), seeing the destination and allowing cattle to come half around.

Other tips from Dr. Noffsinger include minimizing the amount of time each animal is in the processing facility and only allowing a few cattle in each section of the Bud Box system at one time. “I tell producers that they can only put one animal in the chute at one time, so let’s not crowd the Bud Box and keep the system low-stress on the animals.”

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