A Business for Generations to Come

Many changes have been underway at Adams Land and Cattle, and they all started with a vision statement from owners Jerry and Bill Adams. That vision was simple: “We are building our business, a company for generations to come.” The company has already lasted for a couple of generations: Their father started the business in 1950, when he bought 300 acres east of Broken Bow, Nebraska.

Today Adams Land and Cattle has a capacity of 93,000 head there, as well as 40,000 head in other Nebraska lots and another 100,000 head backgrounding throughout the U.S. and Canada. In August 2013, Jerry and Bill, who had been serving on the company’s board of directors, returned to day-to-day operations, and they arranged a retreat with company leaders. Out of that retreat came their vision statement, meant to convey that “this is not just for us or our employees, but our children and all our employees’ children and their grandchildren— the whole community,” Adams says. “We want to take this past us.” They also came up with a theme — “We are ADAMS” — which now appears on hats and walls and is echoed throughout the company. “That means it’s all of us in the organization, not just the owners,” Adams says. “It’s all the employees.”

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