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Implant Strategies: Planning Ahead for Greater Market Success

Published May 23, 2013 in Business

An implant program undoubtedly is the most important factor for improving margin in cattle. Before cattle arrive at a feedyard, managers need to decide if they want to implement an aggressive strategy or a more conservative one.

There are two old sayings that fit when you are deciding on an implant strategy: 1) “Buy with the end in mind,” and 2) “The eye of the master fattens the calf.”

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Responsible Beef Production Conserves Our Natural Resources

Published Jun 06, 2013 in Land

As our world continues to grow, cattle feeders are faced with the challenge of feeding more people with fewer resources. By practicing responsible beef production, today’s cattle feeders are feeding a larger population – with the same amount of cattle as five decades ago – and managing to reduce their carbon footprint. See the infographic below for more information about how cattle feeders are improving our world, and producing safe and sustainable beef.

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Implant Training Video

Published Jun 23, 2014 in Business

The most important part of any implant program is to make sure that implants are administered safely, accurately and effectively. Click here to learn about Merck Animal Health's efforts to help customers improve their implanting techniques.

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The Role of Growth Technologies in Beef Production

Published Nov 19, 2014 in Cattle

Hormones, such as estrogen, occur naturally in nearly all plants and animals, including cattle and humans. Growth technologies transfer balanced hormones to beef cattle and allow producers to deliver leaner, more sustainable beef, using fewer resources, such as water and acres of grain and grass for feed. They also allow producers to produce more beef from fewer head of cattle.

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How U.S. Cattle Producers are Making Beef More Sustainable

Published Jun 02, 2015 in Land

The beef industry faces the challenge of providing enough affordable beef to meet the nutritional requirements of an ever-growing global population. When best practices – such as growth technologies, parasite control and increased calving rates – are used, cattlemen achieve optimum productivity to balance environmental responsibility and economic viability.

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