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Knowing When to Treat for BRD

Published Jan 04, 2018 in Cattle

One of the biggest threats to animal health at a feedyard is Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD). With the disease causing 75 percent of feedyard morbidity, it can seem rational to treat animals for the disease as soon as any respiratory symptoms are noticed.

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Best Practices for Animal Well-Being

Published Nov 13, 2017 in Cattle

U.S. cattlemen have long recognized the importance of the proper care and handling of their livestock. From cow/calf operations, to backgrounding/stocker programs, and finally to feedyards and packing plants, ensuring that animals are well cared for not only makes good business sense — it’s also the right thing to do.

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Better Stockmanship Builds Better Business

Published Sep 25, 2017 in Business

Cattle producers have long known the importance of properly caring for their animals. At every stage of cattle development and processing – from the cow-calf operation to the feedyard – improving animal-handling practices will lead to more successful cattle operations.

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Exercising Cattle

Published Jan 02, 2017 in Cattle

In the Exercising Cattle segment from CreatingConnections, experts discuss the importance of working cattle at a feedyard.

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Keeping Up with the Industry

Published Dec 12, 2016 in Business

Through the years, Scott Keeling, owner of Keeling Cattle Feeders, had to “move with the times,” adjusting his business model to accommodate a changing industry. He started out feeding about 75 percent customer-owned cattle, 25 percent his own. Now those numbers are almost inverted. “It’s not 75/25 the other way, but it can sure be 60/40 at times,” he says. Taking on that risk and expense himself has become a necessity. “It’s really become tough and the capital requirements are high,” he says. “Some people

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