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Preconditioning Programs: A Smart Three-Pronged Approach

Published Apr 11, 2016 in Business

With an added value of up to $100 per head, the decision to precondition calves can add to producers’ bottom lines. The right program incorporates three areas for maximum long-term health and ultimately, profitability. Click here to read about these key areas of preconditioning.

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Understanding Antibiotic Resistance

Published Jun 13, 2016 in Cattle

Antibiotic resistance is a natural phenomenon. Resistance itself is a property, a
characteristic of bacteria. Knowing that, some might say there’s nothing that producers
or veterinarians can do to stop resistance. But that’s not the case, and there should be
a discussion on what role producers and veterinarians can play in helping alleviate the
pressure antibiotics put on increasing resistance.

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Low-Stress Cattle Handling: The Importance of the Right Setup

Published Oct 03, 2016 in Cattle

A low-stress environment for cattle starts with the right setup for loading/unloading, sorting and handling. There are several things producers can do to improve animal-handling practices in each of these key areas.

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A Tribe’s Cattle-Raising Tradition

Published Oct 26, 2016 in Business

Some can link the Seminole Tribe’s start in the cattle business back to 1521 (before it was called the “Seminole” tribe), when a cattle trade occurred with Ponce de Leon. Today the tribe’s ranchland spreads over five counties in Central and South Florida, stretching all the way down to the Everglades. Conditions are hot, humid and wet, but the cattle thrive.

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Master in Action

Published Nov 16, 2016 in Cattle

In many situations, the best way to learn is by watching an expert perform the task. In the Master in Action instructional video from CreatingConnections, cattle producers can learn from animal-handling expert, Tom Noffsinger, D.V.M.

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