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Three Steps to Improve the Quality of Cattle at Finishing

Published May 25, 2015 in Cattle

U.S. cattle feeders have drastically improved feeding practices during the past decade. However, there are a few steps that may help cattle feeders produce more beef economically, while also maintaining quality. Improving margin in the feedyard is always paramount, and part of this equation is achieving optimum carcass weights while improving quality grade.

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The Role of Growth Technologies in Beef Production

Published Nov 19, 2014 in Cattle

Hormones, such as estrogen, occur naturally in nearly all plants and animals, including cattle and humans. Growth technologies transfer balanced hormones to beef cattle and allow producers to deliver leaner, more sustainable beef, using fewer resources, such as water and acres of grain and grass for feed. They also allow producers to produce more beef from fewer head of cattle.

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How U.S. Cattle Producers are Making Beef More Sustainable

Published Jun 02, 2015 in Land

The beef industry faces the challenge of providing enough affordable beef to meet the nutritional requirements of an ever-growing global population. When best practices – such as growth technologies, parasite control and increased calving rates – are used, cattlemen achieve optimum productivity to balance environmental responsibility and economic viability.

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A Strong Finishing Program Starts with Quality Calves

Published Jun 17, 2015 in Business

For cattle feeders, knowing where your cattle were born and how they've been treated since day one is invaluable to profitability and producing a quality product. This information gives cattle feeders the ability to make informed decisions when organizing vaccination protocols for calves arriving at the feedyard.

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Stockmanship at Work

Published Aug 05, 2015 in Cattle

Sometimes the best way to learn is by watching others. In the Stockmanship at Work series from CreatingConnectionsTM, the employees of Kuner Feedlot (part of JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding) and Schramm Feedlot tell us what they’ve learned about what is better for their animals and what makes their work environment safer, more effective, efficient and enjoyable.

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