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Proper Animal Handling

Published May 23, 2013 in Cattle

U.S. cattlemen have long recognized the importance of the proper care and handling of their livestock. That responsibility is also one of the four pillars – “Your Cattle” – of Merck Animal Health’s Responsible Beef campaign.

From cow/calf operations and backgrounding programs to feedyard management practices, ensuring that animals are well cared for not only makes good business sense – it’s also the right thing to do.

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How to Maximize Injection Protocols

Published May 21, 2013 in Cattle

Producers can maximize their animal-health protocols and help ensure the efficacy of injectable cattle products, such as vaccines and antibiotics, by implementing and adhering to sound management practices.

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Community Catalysts Help Cattle Feeders Share Their Stories

Published May 23, 2013 in Community

Demonstrating its continuing, strong commitment to America’s cattle industry, Merck Animal Health recently conducted a series of Responsible Beef Workshops to help empower cattle feeders to create and tell their story about responsible beef production.

The Responsible Beef initiative is designed to help members of the cattle industry demonstrate their vital role in delivering safe, wholesome beef products.

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Implant Strategies: Planning Ahead for Greater Market Success

Published May 23, 2013 in Business

An implant program undoubtedly is the most important factor for improving margin in cattle. Before cattle arrive at a feedyard, managers need to decide if they want to implement an aggressive strategy or a more conservative one.

There are two old sayings that fit when you are deciding on an implant strategy: 1) “Buy with the end in mind,” and 2) “The eye of the master fattens the calf.”

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Responsible Beef Production Conserves Our Natural Resources

Published Jun 06, 2013 in Land

As our world continues to grow, cattle feeders are faced with the challenge of feeding more people with fewer resources. By practicing responsible beef production, today’s cattle feeders are feeding a larger population – with the same amount of cattle as five decades ago – and managing to reduce their carbon footprint. See the infographic below for more information about how cattle feeders are improving our world, and producing safe and sustainable beef.

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