Revalor-200 (trenbolone acetate and estradiol) is an implant containing 200 mg of trenbolone acetate and 20 mg estradiol.  This product is used in an aggressive implant strategy as a single implant in confined cattle on feed for up to 130 days, or as a terminal implant in a re-implant strategy for steers and heifers fed for more than 130 days.

This product is designed with a slow-release delivery system, which increases rate of weight gain and improves feed efficiency in steers and heifers fed in confinement. Each implant consists of 10 small yellow pellets, and 10 implants are provided in each cartridge.

A withdrawal period has not been established for this product in pre-ruminating calves. Do not use in calves to be processed for veal. For complete information, refer to product label.

Product Label(s) and MSDS