Cattle Care365, brought to you by Merck Animal Health, supports your efforts to provide the best quality care for your cattle. Each training module is designed to help you improve employee communication, productivity and cattle well-being.
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July Deworming – An Annual Profit Opportunity
Summer deworming strategies can have great impact to your cattle operation. Read what Gil Myers, PhD says about July deworming of late winter/early spring born calves as an opportunity to profitably produce heavier calves.
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Our Mission

Responsibility to
Your cattle

They Depend On You. We All Do.

We care for our cattle because we care about people. The beef that feeds our families, feeds our neighbors and our world.

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Responsibility to
Your land

Without The Land, We’re Nothing.

It’s more than a location. It’s a part of who we are. Clean water, healthy soils and fresh air are vital to what we do and our dedication to continuous improvement protects the natural resources we all depend on. Caring for the land, it’s part of our nature.

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Responsibility to
Your community

Stronger, Together.

Your family. Your employees and their families. The folks in town at the feed mill, the sale barn and the hardware store. Firefighters, mechanics,teachers and coaches. Neighbors near and far. Next door and around the world. They’re the people you count on. They all count on you.

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Responsibility to
Your business

It’s not a job for everyone.
It’s the job for you.

You knew what you were in for and you do it anyway. Driven to make each day better than the next. Blending time-honored tradition and modern innovation to produce high-quality beef. It’s the success of your business that enables you to care for your cattle, your land and your community.

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